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Emmanuel Remy, Columbus City Council Member, and Public Safety Committee Chair, talks about the importance of taking this action together, as a community.  

Creating a Safer Columbus is a Shared Responsibility
that Starts with All of US

We believe that everyone in Columbus deserves to thrive in a safe and secure environment, whether in their homes, at work, and especially in their communities. To achieve this we must collectively invest resources, time, and effort into supporting our communities, especially those who are most vulnerable and experiencing higher rates of crime. Together, we pledge to make a positive impact by:


Setting a New Standard: We will not allow crime and gun violence to be the norm in Columbus. Instead, we commit to being responsible and accountable neighbors who uphold just laws and take ownership of our actions and choices. We will work to resolve conflict without violence.


Building Stronger Neighborhoods: By actively participating in block watch meetings, engaging in conversations with our neighbors, and investing our time and energy in the youth of our community, we will play an integral role in enhancing our neighborhoods' safety.


Empowering Youth: Through our affiliations and professions, we will become mentors and Champions for the youth. By spending quality time with them, offering guidance, and being accessible, we provide unwavering support during their journey.


Responsible Gun Ownership: As an example to others, we will lock up our guns in secure lockboxes, ensuring they are not accessible to unauthorized individuals, especially our young people. We will secure our homes and cars to protect us and our children.


Enriching Opportunities: When the chance arises, we pledge to share enriching summer and after-school programs with young people we encounter to help them access opportunities for jobs, continuing education, and volunteer opportunities. By keeping our young people engaged and busy, we provide them with outlets that meet their needs

By embracing this pledge, you are part of prioritizing a safer Columbus where our youth can trust that their community has their arms wrapped around them. This collective commitment will allow our village to take back our city.

A Safer Columbus Starts With Us

I Pledge to Keep Columbus Safe

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